The Contemporary Jewish Museum

(photograph by Dr Axel Strang)

Seen on a Stanford University campus road

San Francisco Bay

(photograph by Dr Axel Strang)

Dunes Beach, Half Moon Bay

The view of San Francisco from Twin Peaks

(photograph by Dr Axel Strang)

SS Palo Alto
Seacliff State Beach, Aptos, California

Hooey History:

“The SS Palo Alto was an oil tanker built during World War I on the east side of San Francisco Bay. [Because of] the loss of many ships to German submarines and the high price of steel… [the Palo Alto was made of concrete]. … The construction of the ship went very quickly, [but] WWI ended before it could be put into service. The Palo Alto has been beached since 1930.”

On a street at Stanford University campus

Barbara’s Fish Trap
Half Moon Bay, California

281 Capistrano Rd
Princeton by the Sea, CA 94018
(650) 728-7049

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