San Narciso

Somewhere behind these mountains lies the Mount Pinatubo volcano. Erupting in June 1991, the Maculcol tributary became a river of volcanic ash and in some areas, within centimetres clearing distance from the under-belly of the old Maculcol bridge.

A part of the National Highway leading north to Iba, Zambales and beyond, it was necessary to reconstruct the 430 metre long bridge, at a higher elevation with a distance 5.9 metres from the ground.

A river of volcanic sand ….

This is the old Maculcol bridge alongside the elevated bridge under construction.

Welcome to San Felipe sign on 02 January 2007 at Maculcol bridge

Welcome to San Felipe sign on 28 April 2011 at Maculcol bridge

The Maculcol river traverses barangay Manglicmot in the town of San Felipe and barangay Paete in San Narciso.

The last pillars of the new Maculcol bridge towards San Felipe. The first photo of the pillars was taken in 2007, and the photo of the finished pillars was taken in 2011.

The old Maculcol Bridge and the new elevated Maculcol bridge alongside each other on 07 January 2008 (note the backside of the old "Welcome to San Felipe" signboard on the right)

The new Maculcol Bridge on 28 April 2011 (the old bridge has been demolished)

The road to the old Maculcol bridge 07 January 2008

The road to the no-longer existing old Maculcol bridge 28 April 2011

The no-longer existing old bridge, but likely the same 2008 water buffalo (28 April 2011)

Maculcol Bridge 02 January 2007

Maculcol Bridge 07 January 2008

Maculcol Bridge 28 April 2011

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