Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival 29c

The 7th Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival began today and will be held until the 19th of July. Aside from admiring the lotus in the Gungnamji pond, there are numerous activities within the park.

To get there, take a bus for Buyeo at the Nambu Bus Terminal in Seoul. It’s a 2-hour trip costing W12,800. From the Buyeo Bus Terminal, take a cab, telling the driver Buyeo Seodong [bu-yo so-dong].

Beware of a Goodtrae cab at Buyeo bus terminal with license number 1082. From the Buyeo bus terminal, I took this cab, telling the cabdriver to take me to Seodong Park. I even pointed out the place on a Korean brochure, in case he didn’t understand my bad Korean pronunciation. Instead of a 5-minute trip, it was a 2-hour nightmare.

He took me out of the city, at times driving between 140-160 km/hr. I started to really panic when from the main road, he turned onto a dirt path into the forest, there to see the standing statue of Buddha at the Daejosa temple.

I told him again to take me to Seodong Park. But then he took me to a film location of thatched huts (I don’t know the name, everything was in hangul). From here, I showed I was annoyed and I insisted he takes me to Seodong Park. I stayed about 20 minutes at the Park because I had to get back to Seoul for a dinner appointment that evening.

Instead of costing me W2,000 to go to the Lotus Festival, I paid W62,000 to see a statue not worth seeing, and a film location for Korean dramas only the Korean elderly would be interested in.

Korean friends advised against reporting this incident to the authorities. The managers of these companies will protect their people, they said, especially from foreigners. Also, there is a propensity for them to take vengeance if they are reported to the police. Think twice about taking a cab in Korea.

The Seodong Park is 5 minutes away by car (and 20 minutes on foot) from the Buyeo bus terminal. If you are unfamiliar with the place (like I was), you will see large balloon streamers in the sky surrounding Seodong Park.

Buyeo Seodong park sign

Buyeo Seodong park balloon streamerBuyeo balloon streamer

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