Aoyama cemetery

If one day you should happen to stroll around the foreign section of the Aoyama Cemetery, you might come across some very knowledgeable foreigners familiar with the history of the people buried there.

I came across one such foreigner, a British, who recounted that one of those buried here was the man who brought cows to Hokkaido, thereby starting the dairy industry there. Another one was a journalist for The Times (or its precursor).

Buried here were expatriates of the Meiji era, people who contributed to Japan’s Westernization (Wikipedia).

Judging from the names on these tombs, the people buried here are probably French.

A Celtic cross and other symbols … one of which is damaged. There were some crosses and stone carvings that were toppled by the earthquake that struck Tohoku a month ago.

Albertus Carolus du Bousquet 1837-1882 (Albert Charles du Bousquet), France

My friend Jonathan, an American, was instrumental in saving the foreign section of Aoyama cemetery, the Gaijin Bochi, which was planned to be demolished some years ago. Please see The Foreign Section Trust for information on the foreign section of the cemetery. If you would be interested to help preserve the Gaijin Bochi (administratively or financially), or to give Jonathan a medal on behalf of your country, please contact him on this website.