St Siffret

14th century part of St Siffret

12th century part of St Siffret (except the town hall)

St Siffret is a medieval village in Uzège. It is composed of two historical parts; one is 12th century and the other 14th.

During the pre-historic times, the people of St Siffret were troglodytes, cave dwellers, and perhaps still are. Houses have been built onto these caves, one of which is the residence of Mr Boinard.

Objects found in the cave at Mr Boinard’s residence at St Siffret

One of the walls of one of two castles at St Siffret

A connecting bridge (and painted here: Betty Fairbank

The population of St Siffret is about 1,000. Of the 1,000, one-third are foreigners and two-thirds are French. Of the two-thirds, about 10% have their origins at St Siffret.