St Quentin La Poterie

Philippe Dubuc was born in 1947 at Clamart (southwest of Paris). He studied ceramics from 1975-1978 with Tanimoto Akira, a potter from Iga, Japan. Dubuc’s first pieces in the ’80s were influenced by Japanese art, and then followed by a gradual moving away to a more personal expression.Short biography of Philippe Dubuc [f]

Saint Quentin la Poterie is located in an area called the Uzège, in the heart of the Avignon – Nîmes – Alès triangle. The village’s very name evokes its vocation: pottery. The kilns had been working in the outskirts of St. Quentin la Poterie since the 12th century.

Galerie Terra Viva

NB: I was at Terra Viva to purchase wedding and thank you gifts for family and friends, and was fascinated by the works of Philippe Dubuc. Residing in the central part of France, Mr Dubuc was at the Galerie Terra Viva at St Quentin La Poterie for the opening of an exposition of his new works. He is permanently on exhibit at Terra Viva.

(Photographs of Philippe Dubuc’s art pieces were taken with permission).