Roman Theatre and Museum of Orange: Orange was a Roman colony called Arausio, founded in 40 B.C. by veterans of Caesar’s Second Gallic regiment. It developed rapidly during the reign of Emperor Augustus and it was at this time, the 1st century AD, that the theatre was built. 

Although highly prized by the Romans, this theatre suffered the same fate as the Roman Empire and it was closed by imperial command in 391 A.D. By this time Christianity had become the de facto state religion and the Church opposed all pagan spectacles. The theatre was abandoned completely when the Roman empire fell in the 4th century A.D. It was sacked and pillaged by the Barbarians and was used as a defensive post in the Middle Ages. During the 16th century wars of religion it was used as a place of refuge and rapidly filled up with dwellings.

The photograph above is from a signboard at the theatre.

One of the spectacles at the theatre during the olden times was a woman dancing and cavorting on stage. The audience would goad her into removing her clothes, and she would oblige. — information from the audio guide

This was probably the beginning of the strip-tease.