During the Death March, a pregnant Filipino woman who was living along the road, went out to give food and water to captured soldiers passing by. With a sword, a Japanese swine sliced the unborn baby from her stomach.

One of the admirable qualities of the Filipinos is their capacity to forgive. I am Filipino, but I for one could NEVER bring myself to forgive the Japanese barbarians for their unbelievable savagery, a viciousness that is totally unforgiveable, these monstrous, heartless, despicable creatures, these invading Japanese predators and the indescribable brutality they inflicted on a peaceful people.

Today, behind a façade of cultural gentility, these xenophobes continue to look down on foreigners and consider fellow Asians beneath them, proud they are to be inhuman and remorseless. It is a psychosis not worth the aggravation to find meaning to, but worthy of any effort by anyone to put vulgar Japanese cretins in their place.

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