You will find comments on the internet of unhappy foreign patrons who found the waiters rude or unavailable. But when I was there for lunch, the waiters were friendly, smiling, accommodating, and humorous as well serious. Just before dessert, our waiter came to excuse himself, saying his shift ends and hopes we continue to have a pleasant lunch. I believe those who complained arrived at an inopportune time. There are 190 staff working at La Coupole, and about 45 of them work in the kitchen.

The restaurant is open seven days a week, and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. There was just one day it was closed since it opened for business in 1927, and this was during WWII.

Hours Daily 8:30am-1am (breakfast buffet Mon-Fri 8:30-10:30am)
Address 102 bd. du Montparnasse, 14e
Transportation Métro: Vavin
Phone (01) 43 20 14 20

Prices : Breakfast buffet 13€-16€ ($17-$21)
Main courses 16€-40€ ($21-$52)
Lunch 25€-35€ ($33-$46)
Dinner 35€ ($46)

Except for the prices, all information here was provided by our friendly waiter at La Coupole.