Karabas Kilise (Black Head Church): Within the limits of the Soðanlý Valley Yeþilhisar district, it is 40 km from southeast of Ürgüp. Composed of two sections, the valley had continiously received immigrants starting from the Roman Period. The rock formations resembling to cones on the slopes of the valley were used as cemeteries by Romans while Byzantines made use of them as churches.

There are nearly 50 churches and caves in the region.

Karabaþ Church (Yeþilhisar) is located on the right slope of the Soðanlý Valley. Besides Karabaþ Church, the rocky places located there includes graves and constantly inhabited residences of the priest. Having been dyed in different times with several techniques, the church dated 11th century.

On the walls of the church there are the descriptions of Deesis, Herald, Birth, presenting Jesus to the Temple, Metamorphosis, Cruicifixion, His ascent from the cross and to heaven, and some other descriptions of the saints.

The above information is quoted from: Visiting Turkey