The Clematis Hill White Garden (in japanese: Clematis no Oka) is a “multi-cultural facility of art and nature” (the Clematis no Oka website), owned by the Okano family.

Although the Bernard Buffet Museum was opened in November 1973 and the Clematis Hill White Garden in April 2002, the premises is called the Clematis no Oka.

Aside from the Buffet Museum, other establishments on the premises are: the Literary Museum for Yasushi Inoue which opened in 1973, the Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum which opened in April 2002, and the Izu Photo Museum which opened in October 2009.

Kiichiro Okano is the father of the current president of Suruga Bank, Kinosuke Okano (2008 information). It was the wife of Kinosuke, Taeko, who established the clematis garden in April 2002, after seeing these flowers for the first time on a trip to London (

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