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About 700 years ago, Japan was attacked by Mongolia. It was the most unprecedented national crisis the country ever encountered. The Executive Tokimune Hojo continued his daily study of Zen during this troubled time.

The Japanese beat back the Mongolians and Tokimune, whose following of Zen was his mental support during this tumultuous period, wished to spread the ways of Zen, and thus the Engaku-ji Temple was built.

The Temple Shorei-in is in the Engaku-ji Temple School of Rinzai-shu, one of the largest Zen School in Japan. The Shorei-in temple was originated in 1375 by Koen-Myokan-Zenji. The present main temple is the place for those who want to learn and pursue the Zen spirit.

The Shore-in temple has various kinds of lovely and wild Japanese flowers throughout the year, but is open to the public only in spring and autumn.

— Information from the Engaku-ji brochure and information panel of the Shorei-in Temple.