Château de Castille 4

Château de Castille 4c

The 3-column monument, mounted by a globe, a cross and a crescent, was erected in memory of the firstborn son of the Baron of Castille, the former First Page of the Emperor, who died a young officer in the battle of Essling. The crescent is said to represent the “C” in Castille.

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The small roman-like temple is believed to be the sepulchre for the second wife of the Baron, Epiphanie, the princess de Rohan.

Château de Castille 4e

The monumental arch (now used as an entryway to the cemetery) was the first sepulchre of the Baron.

Château de Castille 4d

An incomplete phrase written in metal letters (some of which are missing) on one of the top interior walls of the small temple, leads us to believe that a young child or infant of the Baron was buried here with his mother:

Attend Maman dorénavant, paix mon enfant *
(Wait for Mother from now on, peace my child)

Or: Rest in peace my child, wait for Mother henceforth.

* Deduced by Mme Claude Hurel née Haour

Château de Castille 4f

Surrounding the 3-column monument are several tombstones, some of which are believed to be those of the domestics of the Baron.

When the cemetery and the chapel were ransacked by robbers, who thought there were treasures buried beneath, the remains of the Baron and his family were then transferred to another family crypt located at Carpentras. (Interview with Henry de Seguins-Cohorn)