Insadong 6abis

Insadong 6d

The Joseon Dynasty ruled for over 500 years, until the Japanese occupation of 1910. During this Dynasty, Insadong was the seat of a government office (Imun) charged with monitoring and controlling immoral conduct.

Insadong was the birth place of the independent movement against the Japanese colonial occupation in 1919.

Residents of Insadong included historical figures from different eras, among them were Lee Yul-Gok (1536-1584), the major Confucian scholar of the Joseon Dynasty and Lee Wan (1602-1674) a military General for King Hyojong.

Insadong is now an alley of art galleries, old-fashioned stationary stores, folk artworks, tea houses, restaurants, and Korean souvenir shops.

(Information from a brochure distributed by the Insadong Tourist Information Center)