Bias of Priene: Bias, the son of Teutamus, was a Greek philosopher. Satyrus puts him as the wisest of all the Seven Sages of Greece.

He wrote about two thousand verses in Ionia, to show in what matter a man might achieve happiness. Some of his sayings:

• All men are wicked.
• Do not speak fast, for that shows folly.
• Do not praise an undeserving man because of his wealth.
• Truth breeds hatred.

Bias of Priene: Bias is considered to be one of world’s seven most important philosophers, who lived in Priene around 600 BC. Plutarch tells the story of how the King of Egypt consulted the great thinker as to which evil should be removed from an unhappy man in order that he should be cured of his misery. “His tongue,” was the reply.

The 6th century BC was the most prosperous era for Priene, as for all other lonian cities. This brilliant era ended in 545 BC when Mazares, the commander of the Persian king Cyrus, attacked the city, burnt it down completely, and enslaved its people.


Photographs of Priene were taken by Marie-Anne Haour and Daphne Haour-Hidalgo