The Sadogatake Beya is one of 56 sumo stables registered with the Japan Sumo Association. It was founded in 1955 by Komusubi Kotonishiki. The stable has 20 wrestlers, including 3 Sekitoris (professional wrestlers). The stable is run by 16 staff members.

The names of all the wrestlers belonging to the Sadogatake Beya include the japanese character koto (zither in japanese). The three Sekitoris are: Kotooshu (with the rank of Ozeki), Kotomitsuki (with the rank of Sekiwake), and Kotoshogiku (with the rank of Sekiwake).

Kotooshu is Mahlyanov Kaloyan Stefanov, a 23 year-old wrestler from Bulgaria. Oshu in his name, is the japanese word for Europe. Kotooshu is the first European with the rank of Ozeki. He became famous after he beat Yokozuna (Grand Champion) Asashoryu.