marys-house-s.jpg Here is an abbreviated version of the notice regarding the house of the Virgin Mary. We are told that the original foundation of the house is the bottom dark red stone part of the walls.

Notice About the Shrine: This place is considered to be the last home of the Blessed Virgin, the mother of Jesus Christ.

The Facts According to the Scriptures: St John, in his Gospel tells us that Jesus, before dying on the Cross entrusted to him the care of His mother when He said: “Here is your Mother” and from that hour St John took Her to his own.”

The Facts are Confirmed Historically: There are two evidences: 1. the presence of the tomb of St John in Ephesus, and 2. the presence of the first Basilica of the world dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. In the early days of the Church, places of worship were only dedicated to persons who had lived or died in the locality.

Discovery of this place in the 19th century: During the 19th century, a book on the life of the Blessed Virgin was published in Germany. The material for this book came from the revelations of a stygmatised nun, Anna Catherina Emeurich. She was an invalid and had never left Germany. In her visions she described with amazing accuracy the hills of Ephesus and the house where she saw the Blessed Virgin spending her last years. Accordingly, two scientific expeditions were organised, and they found this place perfectly agreeing with her description.

The Chapel: The chapel was rebuilt upon the original foundation that have been determined to date as of the 1st and 4th centuries. Part of the building is of the 7th century and the last restoration took place in 1951.